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Honokage IML Containers
The Honokage molded containers covers Food to Non-Food molding packaging in various shapes and sizes as: Round, Square, Oval, Triangle to rectangular, size from 1oz to 5.5L, which can be used to pack margarine/spread/butter, Ice cream, Yogurt, Biscuit, Dips, drinks..etc, which is suitable for HPP(High Pressure Processing ) and other emerging pasteurization applications.
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Honokage Traditional Food Grade Plastic Containers
Plastic containers factory Honokage's traditional Food Grade Plastic Containers is one of our most popular product lines, which including printed cups, plain containers, container with traditional stickers, and cups with shrinkage films and many other solutions in food service.
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Honokage Plastic Drink Lids
The premium Lids from plastic containers company Honokage is covering traditional drink lids, self service machine automatic drop lids...etc., more than 80 different sizes of lids make it one of the largest lids portfolios in the injection molded plastic packaging industry.
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Dairy Plastic Injection Molded Container in Dairy
The injection molded dairy cups allows the production to provide for the creation of complex-shaped units, sealable or tamper-evident containers, which can be stacked to save logistics space and wall-thickness-optimized units.
Food Plastic Injection Molded Container in Food
Packaging for food that is functional, When you work with Honokage, we'll meet your needs for your food packaging, Within our BRC-certified and GMP production facilities, Honokage can assist you in meeting your brand's requirements for food contact safety, enhances the shelf life of the product, and anything else.
Beverage Plastic Injection Molded Container in Beverage
Our beverage cups, the ideal components to guarantee that hot served coffee or beverage are practical, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient when on the go, the beverage cup from Honokage: a cup that shields your finger and tips from burning.
Household & Personal Care Plastic Injection Molded Container in Household & Personal Care
Household & Personal Care
Honokage can provide different household & personal care plastic container solutions depending on the needs of our customers.
Medical & Healthcare Plastic Injection Molded Container in Medical & Healthcare
Medical & Healthcare
Successful medical molding depends on pristine molding conditions, cutting-edge technology, continual compliance, and certification. 100,000/ISO Class 8 clean rooms at Honokage, are furnished with the tools and resources necessary to guarantee that our dedication to quality is never wavered.
Pet Food Plastic Injection Molded Container for Pet Food
Pet Food
Honokage produce Airtight Food Storage Container & Scoop, which is stackable, has wheels, and is made of food-grade plastic that is free of BPA, which reduces the possibility of contamination.
Biodegradable has become a key requirement for packaging materials of many major food manufacturers.
IML Technology Patent
ML (In-Mold Labeling) and injection molding is a manufacturing process that has developed rapidly in the food packaging industry in recent years.
Oxygen Barrier
The IML containers from Honokage can be with an oxygen barrier, which can reach the performance indicators of high barrier properties.

Fujian Honokage Plastic Industrial Co, LTD, was Founded in 1997, located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China. It has a 5, 000m² GMP workshop, adopts intelligent water and electricity control system, introduces German automatic labeling production line, CCD visual inspection, Automatic packaging system. The plastic molded packaging company has passed ISO9001 / 14001 quality and environmental system certification, BRC, HACCP system certification, and the GMP workshop has reached the 100, 000-level standard. Our core products are in-mould-labelling plastic injection molding containers, which are mainly used For Food packaging, including ice cream containers, Margarine containers, Spread containers, Butter containers, Biscuit containers, drink cups, yogurt cups, etc. The main customers are Nestle, Mondelez, Lactalis, Upfield, Butterfield, Coles, Woolworths, etc.

We insist on the business strategy that integrates science industry and trade. We also keep working on R & D, production and sales to provide quality products and service to customers at home and abroad. We insist on the management idea of protecting environment and sustainable development, we are committed to the construction of green chemical enterprise and continue to enhance our social responsibility.

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The IML Difference: Elevating Plastic Butter Tub Branding
The IML Difference: Elevating Plastic Butter Tub Branding
A Butter Tub Beyond OrdinaryWhen it comes to packaging, the plastic butter tub may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it plays a vital role in preserving and presenting a product we a...
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Alibaba's Jack Ma Ventures into Ready-to-Eat Meals, Shaping Future Trends in IML Plastic Packaging
Alibaba's Jack Ma Ventures into Ready-to-Eat Meals, Shaping Future Trends in IML Plastic Packaging
The food industry undergoes a revolutionary shift as Alibaba's Jack Ma delves into the realm of ready-to-eat meals, heralding a new era in culinary convenience. This strategic move not only caters...
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Honokage's Revolutionary IML Paint Container
Honokage's Revolutionary IML Paint Container
In the realm of IML containers, Honokage stands at the forefront, not just as a manufacturer but as an innovator. Our IML paint containers represent a paradigm shift in the industry, offering not just...
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No. 9 Longkun road, Longchi development zone, Taiwanese investment zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China
No. 9 Longkun road, Longchi development zone, Taiwanese investment zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China