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Process and Technical Aspects of IML Technology in Plastic Ice Cream Buckets Packaging

As an important packaging form of ice cream, the aesthetics and durability of plastic ice cream buckets directly affect consumers' purchasing decisions. With the continuous progress of technology, in-mold labeling (IML) technology has been widely used in the field of plastic ice cream buckets packaging. In this paper, we will discuss in detail the process and technical points of IML technology in ice cream bucket packaging to help readers better understand and apply this technology.

Pre-preparation and mold design

In the application process of IML technology, the preliminary preparation and mold design is a crucial part. Firstly, according to the size, shape, and design requirements of the ice cream bucket, design the corresponding mold. The design of the mold should take into account the position, size, and shape of the label to ensure that the label can be perfectly integrated with the plastic ice cream buckets. At the same time, the precision and quality of the mold also directly affect the quality of the final product. Therefore, high precision processing equipment and techniques need to be used during the mold making process to ensure the accuracy and stability of the mold.

In addition, it is also necessary to prepare IML labels, which usually use high-quality printing materials to print patterns, text, and colors on the labels through high-precision printing technology. In the labeling process, attention needs to be paid to the clarity of the pattern and the vividness of the color, as well as the durability and environmental protection of the label.

Label positioning and injection molding

After the mold production and label preparation is completed, the next is the label positioning and injection molding stage. First, the IML label needs to be precisely placed in the designated position of the mold. The positioning of the label should be accurate, otherwise it will affect the appearance and quality of the final product. To ensure the accuracy of label positioning, advanced positioning systems and equipment can be used for precise label positioning and fixing.

After the label positioning is completed, injection molding can be carried out. Injection molding is the core part of IML technology and a key step to achieve the perfect integration of labels and ice cream buckets. In the injection molding process, you need to control the injection temperature, pressure, and speed and other parameters to ensure that the label and the plastic material can be fully integrated to avoid bubbles, shrinkage, and other defects. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the cooling of the mold and mold opening time to ensure that the product molding quality and production efficiency.

Post-processing and quality inspection

After injection molding, a series of post-processing and quality testing is also required. First of all, the product needs to be trimmed, polished, and other treatments to remove excess burrs and flying edges, so that the product surface is smooth and flat. Then, quality inspection is required, including appearance inspection, size measurement, performance test, etc.

In summary, the application of IML technology in plastic ice cream buckets has significant advantages and broad market prospects. The traditional labelling method, as the name suggests, is a method of packaging beautification by pasting pre-printed labels on the surface of plastic ice cream buckets. This method has the following characteristics in terms of cost: Firstly, the printing cost of labels is relatively high. Because it is necessary to use special printing equipment and materials, multi-colour printing and complex pattern design, all these increase the printing cost. Secondly, the labour cost of the labelling process cannot be ignored. Labelling needs to be operated manually, which is not only inefficient, but also prone to label misalignment, blistering, and other problems during operation, further increasing the cost.

IML technology in plastic ice cream buckets packaging involves a number of links and points. By mastering the process and technical points, plastic ice cream bucket packaging products with beautiful appearance and reliable quality can be produced to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

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