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IML Biscuit Container

IML Biscuit Container

IML biscuit & cookies packaging is rising dramatically around the world, you can ensure that your cookies is well protected and has a low water vapour transmission rate by using biscuit container supplier Honokage's plastic biscuit containers. 

IML Plastic Biscuit Containers For Sale

Every brand wants to double or triple their product's shelf life. We are able to assist a cookie brand in extending the life of its product by simply switching from paper to biscuit container plastic. Our range includes versatile options like the 3L IML plastic biscuit container, 5L IML biscuit container with a handle, 175oz plastic biscuit container, and more. Explore our selection of high-quality plastic biscuit containers, including round and square designs with single or double handles, perfect for preserving freshness and quality. Upgrade your biscuit container plastic packaging with our innovative solutions, such as the 1.2L round IML plastic chocolate buckets and 3.5L square IML plastic containers.

Benefits of Our IML Biscuit Plastic Container Adopting In-Mold Labeling Technology

One of The Economical Materials

Comparatively speaking to other materials, plastic continues to be one of the best options for food packaging. Biscuit plastic container is more automatic, produces less carbon emissions, and most importantly offers a method to extend shelf life, which keeps food fresher longer and reduces food waste significantly. One of the most economical materials & processes for maintaining the competitiveness of your product.

Plastic Biscuit Container: Economically Designed, Exquisite Appearance.

The plastic biscuit box is made using in-mold labeling technology, which integrates the external label with the plastic box for biscuits. The advertising pattern on the surface of the cookie tin has a beautiful 3D effect, making it look grand and stylish. Not only is the label durable with excellent color effects, but it also provides a great marketing impact.

Protecting the brand and improving production efficiency

The labels on in-mold labeled plastic biscuit containers are difficult to tear off, making counterfeiting more challenging and aiding in brand protection. These in-mold labeled plastic biscuit boxes are produced using large Demag machines, with fully automated mechanical operations that eliminate the need for manual labeling, significantly reducing costs and increasing production efficiency.

Different IML Plastic Biscuit Container Models Contrast

Many producers now choose to use IML Plastic Biscuit Containers instead of the standard packaging in order to extend the shelf life and maintain the product's freshness. These varying size and shape plastic biscuit containers preserve the crispness and shelf life of cookies. This IML storage container has a high-definition printing option that may be tailored to your preferences. You won't have to worry about the plastic biscuit boxes contaminating your cookies because high-quality materials were used to produce them. Additionally, these biscuit plastic boxes are less expensive than the metal tins that are typically used to sell cookies. You must consider a biscuit container manufacturer's production efficiency, the caliber of the materials they apply, and their costs in relation to competitors before selecting one, Here, we'll examine the many styles of Custom Cookies Packaging Plastic Box that are offered.

Different IML Plastic Biscuit Container Models Contrast

FAQs of IML Biscuit Container

What kinds of plastic are typically used to pack foods?

The following recyclable food grade polymers are used in food packaging: High-density / low-density polyethene (HDPE / LDPE), polypropylene(PP).

If the IML biscuit containers can be fully recycled?

Yes, Without removing any labels, IML container cab be completely recyclable.

Is IML biscuit container plastic packaging sustainable and safe?

In-mold labeled biscuit container plastic packaging uses food-grade PP material, which is 100% recyclable and safe.

Can Honkage Provide custom services of plastic container for biscuits?

Honokage specializes in custom in-mold labeled plastic containers, supporting the customization of plastic biscuit containers in various shapes and sizes.

Is Honokage's plastic biscuit container tamper-resistent?


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