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In-mold labeling packaging: creating a new image for food packaging

In today's fierce market competition, a product to stand out in many similar products, in addition to the product itself to have a certain competitiveness, the packaging of the product must also have a certain attraction. However, the cold and wet circulation environment often makes the "coat" of the label damaged, and the warped edge will even fall off, greatly affecting the sales of products. However, the development of in-labeling packaging technology (IML technology) has completely solved this problem. In-mold labeling fuses the label to the container as a single unit, even in very harsh environments.




1. Create a safe and reliable coat for food

 Providing safe, hygienic and durable packaging support for food has become the main reason for food manufacturers to choose the in-mold labeling technology. Mode labeling packaging technology is a good form of label, because the mold labeling is waterproof, will not produce deformation, warping, labeling and other problems, is very convenient to use, so to avoid the secondary pollution of the product. Traditional adhesive labeling increases the risk of product contamination by increasing the labeling process. At the same time, the in-mold labeling technology can effectively avoid the impact of label damage on sales, so that consumers can use it more secure. Take ice cream products as an example, because ice cream needs to be refrigerated in the freezer, the box wearing water and frost is inevitable. The phenomenon of warping edge and bulging caused by damp occurs from time to time, and even causes the label to fall off in serious cases. These damage to the appearance of the situation, to a certain extent, affect the choice of consumers, but also affect the normal sales of businesses and production enterprises. Therefore, at the beginning of entering the domestic market, it has become the first choice of many ice cream products packaging, Nestle, He Lu Xue, Baxi and other well-known enterprises have adopted this technology.



2. The expressive effect force makes the delicious food visible

Modern packaging has long gone beyond its original role, no longer as a simple container, but an important means of communication. All kinds of effects can work here. For example, due to its realistic, high-quality image effects, the mold labeling can really make the product win attention on the shelves. The Red Family Circle biscuit box is the latest mold labeling packaging produced by WPG Group in its UK factory. The packaging cover and packaging box are decorated with the mold labeling process, and the appetitive, bright biscuit image design gives it a high quality appearance feature.

 In fact, the labeling has been popular in some countries in Europe and the US for many years. At present, more than half of the products in the developed countries in the world have used the labeling technology. Compared with other packaging forms such as curved screen printing and nonadhesive labels, the color of the labeled printing is more dazzling, rich in layers and exquisite in graphics. After filling, the transportation wear is smaller, and the image on the shelf is very beautiful. The label seems to be directly printed on the bottle, and the overall effect is more harmonious.




3. Bring more value to food packaging

For enterprises, in addition to the high aesthetic packaging, it also gives the packaging more value. The person in charge of Yili packaging said: " Dairy products are rich in nutrition and have high packaging requirements. The reason why Yili company chooses the packaging technology in the mold is the various excellent physical properties of injection containers. In practical application, the quality of the labeled packaging products in the mold is stable, with few quality problems, and the visual effect is beautiful, in line with the product positioning."In addition, the person in charge also stressed that in addition to the advantages of strong anti-counterfeiting, convenient recycling, the mold labeled packaging label additional oxygen resistance, light resistance function, but also in dairy packaging with other processes incomparable advantages.




The packaging in the mold brings not only the high-grade quality of the packaging, but more importantly the economy of the packaging. Compared with adhesive labels, the labels affixed in the mold do not need bottom paper, which further reduces the cost of label materials, and the integration of the label materials in the mold and the container can also reduce the use of plastic in the container itself. At the same time, due to the use of manipulator labeling, there is no need for manual labeling, reducing the cumbersome labeling procedures, and the labor cost and time cost are effectively controlled.



 In addition, as a high-grade and economic packaging, the mold labeled packaging also has a huge advantage in environmental protection: convenient recycling, high reuse. Both labels and plastic containers can be recycled 100%, because the labeled packaging labels and the container are the same kind of plastic raw material, so they can be recycled directly after waste. Moreover, the fact that this labeling technology no longer requires separation paper represents an important step towards sustainable packaging.

Through the above introduction, you can see the mold labeling technology in food packaging, it also let us see the technology in food products widely applicability: label and container integration results for product packaging design to provide more possible, let's look forward to the mold labeling technology more perfect performance in the field of food packaging.

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