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The Inner Sticker Labeling Technology Brings Dual Advantages of Environmental Protection and Added Value to Food Packaging

Environmental-friendly IML tubs packaging

In recent years, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people's hearts through active publicity by environmental departments and non-profit environmental organizations. Currently, many well-known companies invest heavily every year to actively participate in various environmental public welfare activities in order to establish a good brand image in the public's mind. In the food and beverage industry, many famous manufacturers not only actively invest in and lead related environmental activities, but also adopt the popular IML in-mold labeling technology in developed countries in Europe and America. Through upgrading the technology of their product IML tubs packaging process, reducing the consumption of external packaging materials, and upgrading the packaging level of their products, they are taking multiple measures to enhance their brand image. The emergence of IML tubs in the food and beverage industry has become an essential element in winning consumer trust and establishing a foothold in the market. In order to improve their brand added-value, many well-known food and beverage brands invest a large amount of human and material resources in environmental public welfare activities each year, making IML tubs packaging a must-have.

With the increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, in recent years, many food manufacturers have not only focused on external public welfare and environmental protection, but also tried to implement the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection by actively introducing and upgrading the production technology and materials of their external packaging boxes. In this process, the IML tubs in-mold labeling technology has shown excellent packaging texture and a reduced consumption of resources, and it has shone in the field of food packaging. It has also been favored by many well-known food and beverage brands.

Characteristics of IML tubs packaging

It is reported that iml tubs are plastic packaging boxes produced using IML in-mold labeling technology. The label inside the mold does not require a bottom paper, and the label material of the final product is integrated with IML tubs, which can reduce the usage of the container material itself. Moreover, the label materials and plastic containers used in IML tubs packaging utilizing this technology are usually made of 100% recyclable food-grade PP material, which is lightweight, has good toughness and chemical resistance, and can be directly recycled and reused after being discarded by customers, therefore complying with the mainstream environmental protection concept of waste recycling advocated by relevant departments nowadays.

However, the greatest advantage of IML tubs packaging lies in the significant economic benefits it brings about. As the competition in the food and beverage industry is very fierce, major manufacturers not only continuously increase their investment in new product research and development and market promotion, but also upgrade the external packaging image of their products to achieve price increases and improved efficiency. This approach has become an "open secret" in the entire industry. IML tubs is welcome and has the best advantages.

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