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IML Technology Creates a New Image for Food Packaging

In today's highly competitive market, in addition to having some competitiveness, the packaging of a product must also have some attractiveness if it wants to stand out from many similar products. However, the cold and damp distribution environment often damages the label, causing curling and even falling off, which greatly affects the product's sales. Especially for some high-end products, packaging problems can even restrict the overall marketing development of the product. However, the development of In-Mold Labeling Technology (IML Technology) has completely solved this problem for IML tubs. In-mold labeling integrates the label with the container into one entity, which can even eliminate problems in very harsh environments.

IML tubs provide safe, hygienic, and durable packaging support for foods, which has become the main reason why food manufacturers choose in-mold labeling technology. IML container packaging technology is a very good form of labeling. Since in-mold labeling is waterproof, it does not cause deformation, curling, or label shedding. It is easy to use, thus avoiding secondary contamination of the product. IML tubs are highly favored by manufacturers.

The packaging effect of IML tubs makes deliciousness visible

Modern packaging has long surpassed its original function. IML tubs are no longer used as simple IML tubs, but as an important means of communication. Various effects can be realized here. For example, due to the extremely realistic and high-quality image effects of IML tubs, in-mold labeling can truly make products win attention on shelves. The packaging lid and box can be decorated using the in-mold labeling process, and with the addition of appetizing, bright biscuit image designs, IML tubs give it a high-quality appearance.

IML technology brings more value to food packaging

For enterprises, IML container packaging not only has high aesthetics but also gives packaging more value. In practical applications, IML container packaging has stable product quality, and there are few quality problems. The visual effect is beautiful, and IML tubs are suitable for product positioning. In addition to strong anti-counterfeiting and convenient recycling advantages, the oxygen and light barrier functions attached to the IML tub packaging label have advantages in dairy packaging that other technologies cannot compare.

The IML tub packaging brings not only a high-end texture and appearance but also its economic benefits. Compared with self-adhesive labels, labels pasted in molds do not need bottom paper, which further reduces the cost of label materials. Moreover, the in-mold label material is integrated with the container, which can also reduce the use of plastic in the container itself. Furthermore, since labels can be pasted using a mechanical hand, there is no need for manual labeling, which reduces the tedious labeling process and controls labor and time costs for IML tubs.

In addition, IML container packaging is not only a high-end and economical packaging, but it also has a huge advantage in terms of environmental protection: it is easy to recycle and has a high degree of reuse. Both the label and the plastic container can be 100% recycled because the IML tub packaging label and container are made of the same plastic material, and can be directly recycled after being discarded. In fact, the in-mold labeling technology no longer requires release paper, which represents an important step towards sustainable packaging for IML tubs.

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