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Winter Market Dynamics: HONOKAGE's IML Ice Cream Packaging Reshaping Consumption Trends in China

As winter slowly embraces various cities across China, including southern regions like Xiamen and northern cities like Harbin and Xi'an already covered in snow, this year heralds a booming trend in Chinese skiing. Major travel agencies have seen a surge of over 100% in ski pass sales compared to previous years. This seasonal shift significantly impacts the usage of HONOKAGE's IML containers, especially in the context of ice cream packaging.




Paradoxically, as temperatures drop, the sales of ice cream packaging have soared, especially in northern cities like Harbin, where indoor heating systems are prevalent. Ice cream consumption has transformed into a popular post-meal dessert, with the ambient warmth making it an appealing treat. Interestingly, in Harbin, ice cream can be stored outdoors without the need for electricity due to the natural freezing temperatures, resulting in a 25% decrease in prices compared to other seasons.


HONOKAGE's IML ice cream packaging stands out prominently during this season. Its resilience to freezing temperatures, impact resistance, and durability make it an ideal choice. Moreover, the high-quality printing of IML adds to its visual appeal, creating a superior product presentation that resonates well with consumers.


The adaptability of HONOKAGE's IML containers in catering to changing consumption patterns, especially in cold weather regions like Harbin, showcases their effectiveness in preserving and presenting products. The ability to withstand cold temperatures, resist impacts, and maintain excellent print quality reinforces their position as the preferred packaging solution, even during unconventional seasons.




As China embraces winter and its unique consumption habits, HONOKAGE's IML containers continue to shine, offering reliability, durability, and exceptional visual aesthetics for ice cream packaging, aligning perfectly with the evolving consumer demands."

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