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Injection Molded Plastic Containers

Injection Molded Plastic Containers

Honokage as a IML container manufacturer, we focus on quality and Environmental Protection.

Honokage specialize in manufacturing IML container which is IML plastic packaging for various food products, containing but not limited to ice cream, margarine, butter, frozen yogurt, meat, snacks and anything you want to pack. The PP injection moulded packaging from Honokage including standard packaging, and customised packaging. In-Mold Labeling process solutions that are unrestricted in terms of innovation for the commercial objectives of our customers. With less waste and lower manufacturing costs, in-mold labeling (IML) is a better decorating procedure than other conventional labeling techniques using decals, paper labels, silk printing.  The plastic cups with IML are strong, recyclable, and have high-quality decorative possibilities.

Types of Injection Molded Plastic Containers

Professional Injection Molded Plastic Containers Manufacturer


Honokage has over 25 years of experience and can currently produce 20,000,000 IML containers each month. Our manufacturing plant is equipped a complete range of advanced equipment to ensure that your products are manufactured in an efficient manner.


The R&D team of Honokage combined experience in the ongoing development and advancement of technology for in-mold labelling and plastic injection molding. To address the most difficult injection molding and in-mold decorating difficulties faced during production, our strong and experienced R&D team continuously pushes the boundaries of their knowledge and skill. The best evidence of our strength in invention is our large number of patents.

Quality Assurance

Honokage has been granted with BRC, Sedex, ISO14001, ISO9001, all the injection molding is processing during GMP room, production process is all automatic, including labelling, visual detection, stacking, packing, rigorous quality control system to ensure food safety, we accept third-party test labs periodically evaluate our company and products.

Tool Shop

Honokage has more than 25 years of experience in mold making, mold design and manufacturing team with expertise and skills in thin wall mold making, while our mold design consultant was the director of mold making for Tupperware for 25 years.

The injection molded dairy cups allows the production to provide for the creation of complex-shaped units, sealable or tamper-evident containers, which can be stacked to save logistics space and wall-thickness-optimized units.
Packaging for food that is functional, When you work with Honokage, we'll meet your needs for your food packaging, Within our BRC-certified and GMP production facilities, Honokage can assist you in meeting your brand's requirements for food contact safety, enhances the shelf life of the product, and anything else.
Our beverage cups, the ideal components to guarantee that hot served coffee or beverage are practical, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient when on the go, the beverage cup from Honokage: a cup that shields your finger and tips from burning.
Household & Personal Care
Honokage can provide different household & personal care plastic container solutions depending on the needs of our customers.
Medical & Healthcare
Successful medical molding depends on pristine molding conditions, cutting-edge technology, continual compliance, and certification. 100,000/ISO Class 8 clean rooms at Honokage, are furnished with the tools and resources necessary to guarantee that our dedication to quality is never wavered.
Pet Food
Honokage produce Airtight Food Storage Container & Scoop, which is stackable, has wheels, and is made of food-grade plastic that is free of BPA, which reduces the possibility of contamination.

Injection Molded Plastic Containers Production Process Video

The IML plastic packaging from Honokage are produced using a completely autonomous robotic system that can attach IML labels to the injection molded containers, These IML containers with tamper-proof locking mechanisms provide consumers a sense of dependability and confidence.
OEM & ODM for the Plastic Containers from Honokage
Biodegradability has become an essential requirement for packaging materials of many major food manufacturers.
Biodegradable 01
IML (In-Mold Labeling) and injection molding is a manufacturing process that has developed rapidly in the food packaging industry in recent years. The principle is to put the printed PP film label into the mold cavity before injection molding. The label flim is melted with the product.
IML Technology Patent
IML Technology Patent 02
With the development of traditional thin-walled injection packaging, we also attach great importance to the feasibility study of how to realize oxygen barrier for thin-walled containers.
Oxygen Barrier
Oxygen Barrier 03

Innovation Leader of Injection Molded Plastic Containers Industry

Our Team

We won't be successful by our own, we need the support of the environment, customers, forward-thinking teams in order to be successful. We have a complete team to cooperate efficiently in every step, including sales, R&D, engineering, quality control, mold manufacturing, injection molding and logistics, etc.

Our Technology

Honokage technology and services include plastic part design, including prototype development, precise mold action control ideal for clean room conditions,  in-house molding with scientific molding techniques, stric and systematic qualification process, molding systems including automation, and technical support.

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No. 9 Longkun road, Longchi development zone, Taiwanese investment zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China