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Is IML printed ice cream container a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging option?

1.Understanding IML packaging containers

IML packaging containers are a common type of container used for various purposes including food storage, home organization, and industrial applications. These containers come in different materials, sizes, and shapes, each with its own set of characteristics and uses. IML packaging containers are also commonly used in the food service industry for storing and serving pre-packaged food. In summary, IML packaging containers are a versatile and convenient choice for storing and transporting various items. IML packaging containers come in different sizes and shapes, such as printed ice cream containers, empty margarine tubs, and more, each with their unique characteristics and uses. Whether you are looking for a container to store food, household items, or industrial materials, IML packaging containers may meet your needs.

2.Is IML printed ice cream container packaging sustainable?

In-mold labeling (IML) technology is an eco-friendly food packaging solution. By eliminating the need for secondary labeling operations, we save energy and reduce our carbon footprint during production. The durable thin-walled containers are produced with fewer raw materials. Using less material means consuming less energy. Additionally, the labels and plastic components of IML printed ice cream container packaging are made of #5 polypropylene plastic, one of the most recycled post-consumer materials in the US. By using one material, consumers can easily and confidently purchase environmentally friendly products and understand how the products help protect the environment.

3.Are IML printed ice cream container packaging tamper-proof?

IML printed ice cream container packaging provides tamper-evident lids for your market needs. Tamper-evident containers are the best solution for reducing secondary operation costs (such as shrink wrapping) and preventing product contamination in stores. For customized printed ice cream containers, we offer a variety of options, including sealable lids, and combinations of thin-film seals and flip-top dispensing seals. Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. entered the injection molding field in 1997 and, with our technology and expertise, automation production became the preferred partner for top global brands in production lines, GMP workshops, and strict supervision to customize solutions for our customers and deliver qualified products to help their products stand out on the shelves and meet manufacturing needs. Honokage has earned a reputation as an innovator. When we launched one of the first batches of in-mold labeled containers in 2013, we were an early supplier in China, and we still maintain an industry-leading position with approximately 80 IML container production lines.

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