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Introduction of In Mould Labelling

At present, in-mold labeling technology has developed quite mature in Europe, and at least 85% ~ 95% of food packaging adopts in-mold labeling products, while in China, it is still in the initial stage. To be sure, with the improvement of people's living quality, in-mold labeling technology will be widely used. In-mold label is the label used to integrate with plastic products under the action of mold during the molding process of plastic products.

In-mold sticking

Paper, printed into a trademark, using a manipulator to suck up the printed label, and placing it in a mold. The vacuum holes on the mold firmly absorb the label in the mold. When the raw material of the plastic bottle is heated and droops like a hose, the mold with the label is quickly switched, and air is blown into the hose to make it cling to the mold wall. At this time, the temperature in the whole mold is still relatively high, and the solid adhesive of the label clinging to the prototype of the bottle body begins to melt and combine with the plastic bottle body in the mold. So when the mold is opened again, the plastic bottle is shaped, and the label and the bottle are integrated into a whole, so that the beautifully printed trademark is firmly embedded on the surface of the plastic product. The label and the plastic bottle are on the same surface, and there is no label on it. Color pictures and texts are printed directly on the surface of the bottle, which not only makes the label used for in-mold labeling more beautiful, but also improves the wear resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance and moisture resistance of the label.

Main application industries of in-mold labeling

1. Engine oil industry: including plastic container packaging of lubricating oil, gear oil, antifreeze and other products.

2. Daily chemical industry: product packaging of shower gel, shampoo, detergent, detergent and personal care products.

3. Food industry: packaging of soy sauce, ice cream, coffee, fruit juice, tea drinks, yogurt and other products.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: high-grade drug packaging.

Although the appearance of in-mold label is not long, it is attracting more and more manufacturers' attention. In Europe and America, the development of in-mold label has begun to step into a stable development track. In China, in-mold label is developing at a high speed of 70%. Looking forward to the future, in-mold label will launch a strong challenge in self-adhesive label, and paper in-mold label will be eliminated, and plastic label will be developed completely. Moreover, this packaging effect without label feeling is being favored by consumers.

Matters need attention of IML

The material is the same as or close to that of the bottle body, and the label and the bottle body can be melted and recycled at the same time for secondary use, so the in-mold label reduces the environmental pollution and meets the requirements of green printing.

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