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The Significant Role of IML Technology in Ice Cream Cup Containers

IML is the solution for ice cream container packaging

Ice cream is one of the most popular foods globally. Since its creation, it has continually developed in terms of flavor, consistency, type, fruit content, container size, container design, and today is the right time to understand the trend of ice cream containers in 2023. This will help all ice cream manufacturers address their shortcomings and introduce a new and attractive product. Especially after Covid-19, the ice cream industry will undergo transformation in terms of product cleanliness and extra attractiveness. A lot of effort will be put in to get the best ice cream container containers, which combines high-definition design and 100% sterile containers. In-mold label ice cream containers are the ultimate solution to all problems faced by almost all ice cream manufacturers.

What are customers' expectations for the ice cream industry?

Diversity of flavors: The demand for different flavors of ice cream products, from biscuit cream, wine ice cream, chocolate ice cream, etc., will dramatically increase. Introducing savory ice cream flavors will not be surprising!

Fitness Savvy: Ice cream enthusiasts will require a health-conscious ice cream, which will not contain sugar and will have a higher protein content. The new trend is for healthy and nutritious ice cream!

Detailed labeling: The information on ice cream containers, i.e., the injection label, should accurately and comprehensively explain the percentage of ingredients used and other ingredients.

Attractive ice cream container: Unique trends such as charming colors like a pink exterior and ultra-thin ice cream containers become demands in 2023.

In-mold label technology will play a critical role: in order to meet the demand for high-quality ice cream cup containers

What exactly is in-mold labeling? This is an advanced process that injects high-quality labels into the molds in the manufacturing phase of ice cream cup containers. This makes the label and container a single entity. When the entire process of ice cream IML packaging is complete, 100% sterilized ice cream cup containers will be produced. Due to the high-quality, injected label, not only enhances the appearance of the container but also displays product information detailly.

Honokage has won the reputation of an innovator. When we launched one of the first in-mold label ice cream containers in 2013, we were one of the early adopters in China, and we still maintain industry leadership with around 80 IML ice cream container production lines. Let us join hands to welcome new trends in 2023 to meet all customer expectations. Provide them with high-quality ice cream flavors, add fun and color to different types of varieties, and most importantly, use in-mold label ice cream cup containers to make our products entirely hygienic.

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