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Benefits of In Mold Labeled Food Packaging

What is In Mold Labeling?

In Mold Labeling is a new technology that places a film inside an injection mold to decorate the plastic surface of the container. It directly generates a complete label on the part from the tool. The containers produced by this method have a label-free appearance with high-quality graphics, which is better than traditional post-decorating methods. Photos, illustrations, and 3-D images can be directly molded into the packaging.

What are the Benefits of In Mold Labeled Food Packaging?

Using In Mold Labeled containers allows for maximum design flexibility, enhances product appearance, reduces secondary investment, and is environmentally friendly. The advantages of In Mold Labeled containers include:

  1. The containers have impressive, photo-like, high-quality graphics.

  2. The wrap-around label creates a unique shape and design for the final product.

  3. It eliminates the cost of secondary labeling and decorating operations.

  4. The EVOH barrier minimizes oxygen entering the container, which extends shelf life.

  5. The durable surface eliminates label peeling or curling during transportation.

  6. It maximizes brand awareness by utilizing the space on all sides and the bottom of the plastic component.

  7. It reduces customer label inventory.

  8. The thin-walled plastic component reduces resin usage and transportation costs.

  9. Design changes can be easily made by changing graphics, such as using different flavors in the same run.

  10. High-end printing capabilities allow for high resolution to achieve ultimate color results, similar to PMS colors.

  11. It uses a single material, #5 polypropylene, reducing recycling costs and energy usage.

  12. It is flexible and resistant to moisture, heat, cold, low temperatures, and microwaves.

Choose In Mold Labeled containers for your food packaging needs and experience these benefits firsthand. Our company, Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., has a 5,000m2 GMP workshop that meets 100,000-level standards, adopts intelligent water and electricity control systems, and uses a German automatic labeling production line, CCD visual inspection, and automatic packaging system. We have passed ISO9001/14001 quality and environmental system certification, BRC, HACCP system certification, and are trusted by top customers such as Nestle, Mondelez, Lactalis, Upfield, Butterfield, Coles, Woolworths, and more.

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