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Plastic Containers FAQ


What is IML?

In-mold labelling is abbreviated as IML.

In-mold labelling refers to the plastic container processing in the injection molding and blow molding process, in-mold label is took by robot arm and attached to the inner surface of the mold, during the blow molding or injection molding process, the label inner surface is melt with the outer wall of the container, while the outer printing surface is smooth, which can maintain a good effect of the label printing effect.

In-mold labelling has been widely used in the field of dairy, chemical and spices industry. Especially for chemical products, in-mold labelling is widely favored by daily chemical companies for its trinity of protection, functionality and decoration. For in-mold labelling, it can get a beautiful color pattern on the bottle like screen printing. However, since it is impossible to change the label after the in-mold labelling of the IML packaging container is produced, it has an impact on production flexibility, which requires manufacturers to have accurate sales forecasts for their products. However, there are not many domestic manufacturers who have reached this level, which limits the rapid development of in-mold labelling in China.

Since in-mold labelling has many incomparable advantages, it will eventually be the trend of future development. Generally speaking, the label material used for in-mold labelling is divided into 3 kinds: PP, PE and PE+PP copolymer. In-mold labelling can be divided into 3 layers. The first layer is suitable for printing layer; the second layer is the main layer; the third layer is the hot melt adhesive layer. In-mold labelling must have a good exhaust function. In the integration with the plastic product, the exhaust function of good or bad directly affects the appearance of the product. In addition, in-mold labelling must be electrostatic treatment after printing, otherwise it directly affects the defective rate of labeled products.

How to customize your own logo and design on our off-the-shelf product?

After customer chose the tub, Honokage will provide related label die cut line for customer to design their artwork, Honokage will provide the digital proof and make the label printing plate after receive the label artwork, it will take around 15days to make the label printing plate after received the confirmed artwork.

What is the MOQ for each SKU, What is the cost for each flavor label printing plate fee?

The MOQ for each SKU is 1500m2, for example, if the label size is 100*300mm, 1500m2 is equal to 1500m2/0.1/0.3=50000pcs. The color can contain 8 colors for 4 colors of CMYK color + 4 colors of Pantone color, printing plate fee for each SKU is US$500.

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No. 9 Longkun road, Longchi development zone, Taiwanese investment zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China