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Recycled PP Material from Honokage

Today, the single material construction of PP containers with PP labels allows for recycling of both without separation to produce new non-food grade rPP products such as non-food grade injection molded drums. However, the ink in the label affects the final color of the rPP, leaving no way to make the color of the recycled material pure.

Honokage, through cooperation and joint research with different material manufacturers, can achieve the effect of using recycled material and achieve the pure white color that customers need. Honokage has GRS certification, and since Honokage produces its own food grade packaging containers and can pellet and manufacture its own masterbatches, Honokage has more experience in using recycled PP material, at a more advantageous cost, and better able to meet the global trend of environmental protection.


Honokage uses recycled materials to produce plastic flower pots, plastic display stands, plastic parts around treadmills, and customize colors to meet customer's testing requirements, such as UV test, weighing test, drop test, etc.

Lightweight parts used in a variety of industries, including construction, packaging, and electronics, are created using recycled plastic. Sales of numerous consumer goods have surged as a result of the worldwide e-commerce market's explosive growth. The need for diverse packaging products has quickly expanded due to the growth of e-commerce sales. As a result, the need for recycled plastic in product packaging is increasing quickly. Additionally, the need for recycled plastic as a packaging material has grown significantly due to the increasing popularity of online shopping for gadgets like computers, mobile phones, and tablets. As a result, the global market for recycled plastic is anticipated to develop due to the packaging industry's growing need.

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