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What's the Difference Between PP Plastic Cup and PC Plastic Cup?

Recently, many people have asked us how to distinguish pp plastic cups from pc plastic cups in our daily life. As an plastic containers factory, Honokage naturally brings you the following knowledge.

Which is more suitable for food containers, pp or pc?

1. Plastic cups made of PC have good light transmittance, which is lighter than glass, and the price is lower. Plastic cups made of PC can withstand the temperature of -30-140℃, but this material will not crack or melt when used at this temperature.

2. Plastic cups made of PP are quite light and not easily broken; Good heat resistance, no suspicion of toxic substances, stability and safety; The only drawback is slightly poor light transmission.

3. The hardness of plastic PC is higher than that of general plastic PP, the raw material of PP is translucent and milky white, and the raw material of PC is transparent. PP, also known as hundred percent adhesive, has better toughness, while PC, also known as bulletproof adhesive, has much higher toughness, hardness and impact strength.

4. PP is a general plastic, the density of PP is less than 1.0cm/g, and PP floats on the water; PC is engineering plastic, its density is greater than 1.0cm/g, and PC is submerged.

5. PC plastic cups will produce carcinogens such as bisphenol-a after repeated heating, but PP won't.

Can pp beverage cups hold boiling water?

Pp cup is nontoxic and tasteless, and its highest temperature is 167 degrees, which means there is no problem in filling boiling water. The temperature of boiling water is about 100 degrees. PP plastic cups can hold boiling water completely and will not produce harmful substances.

Polypropylene is a polymer formed by addition polymerization of propylene. White waxy material, transparent and light in appearance. Its density is 0.89~0.91g/cm3, it is flammable, its melting point is 165℃, it softens around 155℃, and its service temperature range is -30~140℃. It can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt solution and various organic solvents below 80℃, and can be decomposed under the action of high temperature and oxidation. Polypropylene is widely used in the production of clothing, blankets and other fiber products, medical devices, automobiles, bicycles, parts, pipelines, chemical containers, etc. It is also used in food and drug packaging.

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