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What do manufacturers consider when choosing plastic ice cream containers?

1. understand the IML container

With the improvement of automation of injection molding equipment, a new type of in-mold labeling (IML) technology is becoming popular internationally.In-mold labeling (IML) products are generally favored by the industry for their unique advantages in high definition, good three-dimensional effect, surface scratch resistance, increased aesthetics of packaging containers, improved economic benefits, environmental protection, and enhanced anti-counterfeiting.

In-mold labeling (IML) technology has been developed in Europe, the United States, and Japan for many years, and has been maturely applied to various products.The proportion of in-mold labels used in European and American container labels is about 12%.In-mold labeling (IML ) thin-walled plastic containers can be roughly divided into two major systems in the world: in North America, liquid detergent, fabric softener, personal care and hair care products are mainly formed by blow molding technology; while in Europe, ice cream, Margarine and butter are mainly molded using injection molding technology, and in-mold labeling (IML) paint cans are also used in Europe.

2.What are the main attributes that potential Chinese In-Mold Labeling (IML) thin-walled ice cream container manufacturers need to consider?

1.Response Time: Give due consideration to response time or delivery time.Unpack the entire list of ice cream container manufacturers that offer the shortest lead times to deliver the final product to your door.In this case, seasonal demand (peak or trough) should not affect their lead times.

2.Technology: The latest and updated technology is an asset of the best Chinese manufacturers.In-mold technology (IML) is such that it fuses directly with the label during its curing process, forming the shape of the mold.Is the manufacturer equipped with in-house injection molding IML, blow molding IML and thermoforming IML?

3.Among the whole list of ice cream container manufacturers, the best China in-mold labeling (IML) thin-wall plastic ice cream container manufacturer is the one that pays the most attention to the printing quality and the most reasonable price of its final products.Also, the container should be scratch resistant, less cracked, highly attractive in decoration and of great scope

4.Eco-friendly materials: The raw materials used by Chinese manufacturers should be 100% environmentally friendly.The recyclability of the ice cream container should be the most important attribute before identifying any Chinese manufacturer of ice cream in-mold labeling (IML) thin-walled plastic packaging.

5.The final in-mold labeling (IML) thin-walled plastic should be able to withstand temperature changes, especially for frozen products like ice cream.

6.No additional cost for design changes: The best In-Mold Labeling (IML) thin wall plastic ice cream container manufacturers will carry the most advanced technology, allowing their customers (ice cream producers) to change the entire design without any waste and additional costs .

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