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Wide Application of In-mold labelling Yogurt Cups

In recent years, many food brands have said to "embrace Gen Z" and "catch young people". However, the most understand the young people, or the young people themselves, yogurt should be packed by premium packaging, such as IML yogurt cups.

Generation Z was born in the era of rapid economic development. They intuitively feel the transformation of the food and beverage industry from "product is king", "market is king", and then to "demand is king", and they have gradually grown into the main force of consumers. Nowadays, as more and more enterprises pay attention to linking the demand market and products from the users, Generation Z has also become a key role as a new generation of professionals.

These post-1995 generation are not only "young people" who "rectify" and overcome the workplace, but also "product people" who promote the product from concept to landing and influence more users.

On December 20, the first FBIF online BBS dairy points on the BBS, source flow brand strategy consulting founder XiaoYao presided over the "95 products, Z generation product concept" topic discussion, and Yili group liquid milk division Ann Shen Yue brand manager, new hope dairy marketing center live product manager Su Yitong, Oarmilk my island product manager Yang Fan the three from different types of dairy enterprises after 95 together, talked about their products.

01 From the source point to the formation of concepts, how does the post-1995 generation think?

Xiao Yao: First of all, focus on the product concept itself. The key word of today's consumption environment is diversification. More choices also means decentralization, we will be exposed to a lot of information, how to identify the core in the information, to build the product concept. As a post-95 product person, want to know how the three think, how to launch the concept from the source point? How does the internal team and organizational process work out?

Su Yitong: HuRun is a low-temperature functional yogurt brand based on the research and development technology of probiotics, focusing on consumers' intestinal health. It mainly promotes the Hurun crystal ball product line. When creating the concept of living crystal ball, we realized that we could not simply rely on the census data label to identify the user portrait, but should stand in the perspective of a natural and real person, and observe what scenes we could help him solve what problems in his daily moving line.

We have learned that in the current fast-paced and intense work and life state, many people will be troubled and embarrassed by intestinal health problems because of irregular diet, sedentary, staying up late, heavy diet and other problems, and also have a certain awareness to seek the help of probiotics. But may be large and small, mixed probiotics products, one is that people feel difficult to have the actual body sense and effect, the other is to do not know how to choose.

Based on this situation, we decided to focus more on the product itself, to restore the user into a real, natural, fresh individual, to solve the needs of users in a certain scenario. Therefore, we want to help workers solve problems through the functional value and emotional value of live moisturizing crystal ball yogurt, packed by IML(In-mold labelling) yogurt cup.


Live embellish crystal ball yogurt

Photo credit: New Dairy Industry

In terms of functional value, our independently developed 3d embedding technology can help probiotics resist the erosion of gastric acid and bile, improve the survival rate by more than 1000 times, and help users to achieve "effective bacteria". In terms of emotional value, we wrap the invisible probiotics into a crystal ball, making it has a wonderful taste of "chewing", which is very memorable and decompressing. At the same time, combined with the heavy taste of the food scene, with live moist crystal ball also let users have a better food experience.

Xiao Yao: It sounds like there are two concepts. One is that we want to return to the real, natural and fresh individual. The second is to solve the needs and pain points of users. Next, please ask Fanfan of our island to talk about the process of product conception.

Yang Fan: Our company has been focusing on making Greek yogurt and packed by IML cups, At first, Greek yogurt was made to bring foreign Icelandic yogurt and Greek yogurt to China's rich low-temperature yogurt market. So our HANDY series, small IML cup and big plastic barrel series are all made around Greek yogurt.


Brand line products

Photo credit: Oarmilk Wu Island

Previously, we had some products sold online, and HANDY is a product we launched to the public, featuring the "first cup of Greek yogurt", which also follows the trend of senior white-collar workers, mothers and fashion food experts consumers to pay more attention to the protein content, nutrition and mellow taste of yogurt.

In terms of appearance, we designed the shape of a small flying saucer for HANDY, which is better to hold and more suitable for convenience store display. In terms of capacity, HANDY leaves more space for consumers to DIY, add cereal fruit, etc., so that everyone can accept it more, as the choice of high-nutrition yogurt.


The HANDY series of Greek yogurt

Photo credit: Oarmilk Wu Island

Xiao Yao: The Greek yogurt made by WuIsland is very bright in the new brand. Has been ammuxi, a big brand known to users, and how to make differentiated innovation, the whole process would like to share with Anmuxi Shen Yue.


Shen Yue: Our team once built a product, and it only took us 72 days to complete the commercialization and landing of an aircraft draft. This set of three fruit spoons because the color arrangement is like a traffic light, also called "spoon eat traffic light".

At that time, our position was to make a spoon to eat layered yogurt, different locations have yogurt and jam, similar to layered cake. Layered yogurt, such a more dessert attribute products, more with a sense of ritual. We believe that a good concept can be spoken by data and consumers perceive it, so we decided to use the aircraft draft for verify on social media.




Three fruit spoons (swipe left for more)

Photo credit: Ammushi

On August 4,2021, we posted a draft of the spoon eating series on social media. The team extended the original cup shape for the spoon, adding a fruit pull to the lid, and combined with the design of the lid and the cup body to make the product equal to the fruit itself. This aircraft draft has received good praise from consumers, and also shows us the opportunity in the market.


Physical out of the street map

Photo credit: Ammushi

The product was able to market in 72 days, also thanks to the aircraft draft touched the system. The entire upstream and downstream supply chain, from product research and development to the market, the collective drive and innovation force, allows us to complete the market within the given time.

It can be said that this is a group of digital innovative products, we use a relatively small scale, small cost to verify the feasibility of the product concept. Then through the trial production and sales, the consumer preferences and excitement. After that, we can also make large-scale replication. For example, in early January 2022, the cheese balls was created by copying.


Spoon to eat cheese burst ball yogurt

Photo credit: Ammushi

02.Promote the landing of new products, after 95 to become the first responsible person

Xiao Yao: When we extracted the concept, the next step is to promote the landing and listing, so that consumers can see and buy it. Different companies have different ways, and eventually they end up in organizations, processes, and KPIs. Large companies have the resources, but the process is more complex, and small companies are more flexible, but there will be cost considerations. Please three people share this project, how to promote it internally, as a product manager?

Su Yitong: We have a set of procedures for launching new products internally. We will start to polish half a year in advance, conduct the inspection of demand insight-demand authenticity, and then evaluate the feasibility and risk points of new product landing by all departments at the front end. Finance helps help measure the value of the business, and marketing and sales match promotional resources, strategies and tests in advance. After the new product launch, we will continue to pay attention to the feedback of the front line, and constantly optimize and adjust.

In this process, as product managers, we are all the sponsors, resource integrators and the whole coordination role. At the same time, as young people, we have a special enthusiasm and creativity. I will organize research and development to try ideas, and communicate with peer users in private groups, and do brain violence and marketing content co-creation.

In the case of live crystal ball, we will focus on these three aspects to evaluating the product launch: First, whether this demand is real. In order to prevent the product manager from getting excited, we will use some tools to help determine the authenticity of the demand and evaluate the size of the market. Second, identify your core strengths. We will evaluate whether our strengths will provide the best experience for our users. Third, consider the purpose of creating new products (brand building, driving sales, etc.), and evaluate the input and output ratio.


Live embellish crystal ball yogurt

Photo credit: New Dairy Industry

Xiao Yao: Let me add one more question. The crystal sphere is a great design, it's visual, and functional. Is the ball driving the reverse technology through market insight, or is it just promoting the existing technology?

Su Yitong: The live run crystal ball was initially based on insight, that is, people think that intestinal health is important, but can not find an efficient and interesting way to supplement probiotics, and then combined with the research and development of the exploration and accumulation of probiotics related auxiliary technologies. Insight and research and development technology are complementary.

Xiao Yao: It's like the brand manager leading product innovation we feel in Internet enterprises. Thank you Su Yitong for sharing. Next, we will know how the company can promote the implementation of new products.

Yang Fan: As a startup company, time is very important to us. Therefore, the cycle of our products will not be too long, and the internal communication will be more flexible. We will start with the point of the concept, where all departments meet from time to time to evaluate the possibilities in terms of research and development, production and cost.

In the second stage, after the samples are made, we will collect their feedback online through private channels and community group buying, as well as loyal members and loyal fans of small programs, and also distribute samples from offline to give effective suggestions. Then the pilot stage needs the production end and quality standards to do strict production links.


My island yogurt

Photo source: Weibo @ Wudao Greek Yogurt

To be honest, our product cycle is indeed relatively short, in a short time to complete these things, but also need the supervision and communication of various departments.

Xiao Yao: When the time is tight, do we have any indicators or measures to determine whether a product can be listed?

Wudao Yang Fan: I think this is also a whole process of evaluation. In the early stage, we will achieve strong planning, make the product scheduling more granular, and the relevant responsible person and time will be refined. Then, after reaching each step within a reasonable time range, I should communicate with the corresponding docking person, constantly receive feedback on the problem, and then solve it, and then go to the next step to constantly communicate and implement it.

Xiao Yao: Although we talk about products today, we have the feeling of the Internet. The granularity is very fine, and then we quickly iterate and adjust. Yue Yue said in the large enterprises, but said to 72 days, very impact. How does the whole process work out?

Shen Yue: We used a set of aircraft drafts, namely concept drawings and concepts, and we all used descriptive language. So why do you want to complete the construction of the product concept in the system in such a form?

First, through the picture form of the aircraft draft, the internal front and rear departments of the company can keep a consistent understanding of the product concept, so as to avoid problems and repetition in communication. For example, when our R & D colleagues see the shape of fruit cups, they can directly point out the problem of landing production.

Second, through these steps, do the overall scheduling combing, to understand which points in the current process can be broken through and which points can not be reversed, so as to reduce the scheduling risk as much as possible and reduce the time on each process node.

Speaking of the promotion of the internal system, I would also like to share with you another way of reducing scheduling through digital innovation. When we created "sweet pineapple", we made an internal system transfer in the taste development period, which promoted the process of the whole internal system and saved a lot of time on the mass production of single products on the street.


Amuxi qing sweet pineapple yogurt

Photo source: Weibo @ Ammuxi

We first sent the concept flavor version of the product to the company's sales area, and then asked the regional colleagues to screen which product is more competitive in the market. Through a small-scale "trial production", we verified the possibility of this product eventually produced in large quantities.

In addition, I would like to emphasize that for the whole process of commercialization, we will explore how the product can break the process and push forward. But in no case, the product can not occur quality problems, no matter how tight the schedule, also can not cross the quality of the red line.

03.How do the post-1995 dairy people view the development of the industry?

Xiao Yao: Based on the live run crystal ball products, what is the functional yogurt market that we judge at present?

Su Yitong: Although the trend of low-temperature yogurt is not optimistic in the current data, we can expand the boundary through active innovation. You can explore new opportunities through crowd segmentation, scene segmentation and accurate access channels. After all, health is an eternal need.

Xiao Yao: How big the market depends on how big we can do. Users are always there, the key is how we reach them, to introduce our products and features. The next question is for our island, we will always mention Greek yogurt, we will always think of Chobani, and Chobani cup, because Chobani has entered the Chinese market, so the first target of our island is it. Our products are self-developed, so how do you see the next relationship with Chobani?

Yang Fan: It is true that since its establishment, we cannot compare with Chobani, because they have done well in foreign markets. But we don't mind comparing with Chobani or other foreign brands, which is also a way to raise our awareness.


Chobani Yogurt

Photo credit: Chobani

At present, all product research and development of our island are completed internally, with the support of supplier partners. Our formula is relatively clean and concise, which is the focus of our clean Greek formula yogurt. I think the trend of Greek yogurt will also be considered in health in the future. Although the current domestic functional dairy products pay high attention, but it is difficult to achieve high sales. Health preservation has not found a good way and a breakthrough, to combine the really delicious things with the concept. But once there is a good opportunity in the future, there may be a boom and the future trend.

Xiao Yao: The core is that we better understand the Chinese consumer market and the stomachs of Chinese consumers. Clean ingredients list and yogurt are also based on insights from Chinese consumers. I hope the giants will help us to make the market bigger together, but we are not afraid to compare with other foreign brands.

The next question was asked by Shen Yue. Just now, Shen Yue mentioned that she attaches great importance to innovation internally, and there is also a mechanism for innovation. But innovation is adventure. How do we avoid risk from a methodological perspective. Is there anything to share?

Shen Yue: On the one hand, Anmuxi constantly tries to innovate, and on the other hand, it will ensure the success rate of innovation. Therefore, we will do a lot of product concept reserve, and communicate with consumers with the concept draft. If consumers need it, we can do sales verification through mass production and trial production. If it performs well, we do a large-scale replication, which is the first of them.

We will also choose to continuously compress the schedule in the process of trial production, bring innovative products to different circles of consumers in a short period of time, and then tell us that the product is good or bad.

In addition, we also use sales data to verify the innovation effect, and the data does speak up. If consumers like it, we will increase our efforts to conduct sales promotion. For example, through a series of integrated actions, we introduce the use of yogurt, highlighting Chinese flavor in the transmission end, so that the products can be seen by consumers. Including sweet pineapple products, Anmuxi's four new fruit flavor products this year have exceeded 2 billion ". For innovation, if we do well, we increase, if it does not, we stop in time.


Yogurt uses Chinese Xuwen pineapple

Photo source: Weibo @ Ammuxi

Xiao Yao: It is understandable that innovation is like a good sense of muscle control in fitness. Controlling the steps and rhythm well, and the risks are relatively controllable. The final question is, overall, how do we understand today's yogurt market trends, how do we capture high-end consumers and interact with them?

Su Yitong: In my personal understanding, in the future, we will pay attention to three points on products. The first is healthy function; good appearance level and high social attribute; and good service experience.

For example, it cooperates with Internet medical platforms to help users answer questions about intestinal health through consultation and live broadcasting. Let the living moist crystal ball is no longer a simple yogurt, but gradually become a friend around the user who understands the intestinal health, which can provide some solutions for his intestinal health.


Live embellish crystal ball yogurt

Photo credit: New Dairy Industry

In general, it is to provide functional value and emotional value through the product itself plus follow-up services, as well as to allow consumers to understand what you are selling, and to accept and recognize your product.

Yang Fan: In the first two years of the yogurt market, everyone hopes is delicious and fun, that is, snacks. Recently, the environment has been more attention on health. In my opinion, functionality is a good direction, but it needs a breakthrough point to make this direction bigger and better. In addition, based on people's requirements for quality, people increasingly hope to pursue high-quality products, yogurt should also be made more refined and delicious at the same time, to provide users with a better body feeling.

Our products started with small circles, like some talent circles, sports circles and some hockey or ambassadors from different countries who eat them. They pursue good quality products and want them to have social attributes to show their lifestyle. For high-end users, it is necessary to strengthen the communication with their needs. They have a strict standard for everything in their daily life. Close connection is also important.

There is also the yogurt scene, the scene diversification is also a trend. Because before everyone is in the afternoon or is the children to drink some yogurt. Slowly from the meal directly into breakfast, dinner, from the alternative state to the necessities process, yogurt sometimes plays a very important role in life.

Shen Yue: For Ammuxi, everything should go back to consumers. Take consumers as the center, be fans of consumers, create greater value and better experience for consumers, and then give products that exceed consumers' expectations. High-end is not equal to high price, but to give consumers an acceptable price, to give them the product experience beyond his expectations.

Now consumers when buying a bottle of products, there is a superimposed demand in it. They want products to be safer, more healthy and more functional, or more ritualistic and satisfying social scenarios. The biggest challenge that we will face in Ammuhi in the future is to face the various needs of consumers across the country, to divide their needs more detailed, more accurate, to explore the new growth of the 20 billion large volume business. At the same time, for product managers, it is also necessary to capture users' needs for the same product in different scenarios and emotions, and quickly push the new, fast verification and fast landing.

Xiao Yao: Thank you. You are very happy to see that in the future, more Gen Z are creating a completely different market in the yogurt market.

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