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What Are the Advantages of IML Printed Ice Cream Tubs Packaging?

If you go to a local supermarket, you'll obviously find hundreds of plastic containers, filled with different types of food and drinks. You might ask, what are these packages and how are they made? Well, it's related to IML packaging. IML stands for In-Mould Labelling. So, IML packaging refers to packaging that contains in-mould labels instead of plastic labels. Companies like Honokage are IML ice cream food packaging manufacturers, meaning they specialize in producing IML printed ice cream tub packaging containers. Interestingly, this industry is quite obscure to others.

Importance of IML printed ice cream tub packaging

IML packaging is a very innovative method used to produce plastic containers with labels. However, this is very basic. Let's understand the science behind this. In-mould labelling is achieved by placing a pre-printed polypropylene label in the mould. The polypropylene label is then added to the mould to make it compatible with the mould. When the label solidifies, it quickly takes the shape of the mould. The end result is a mould with a printed label embedded in it.

In addition, in the case of IML food packaging, this process is carried out in a more detailed way and can be done through: injection moulding; blow moulding; thermoforming. These comprehensive methods present the food in a professional manner, and potential consumers will be more attracted to purchase a certain food item. Therefore, it's mandatory that no one purchases a packaging that is shabby. This is necessary because an attractive package is like an attractive resume or sales pitch. It makes the buyer crave for more information about the product. In turn, the product ends up being sold. This is why IML printed ice cream tubs packaging is very important.

Advantages of IML printed ice cream tub packaging

Furthermore, IML printed ice cream tub packaging has many advantages. In-mould labels offer excellent printing quality, as mentioned earlier, and help in product sales. Also, these labels cannot be removed or altered in any way. In addition, ensuring the cost of IML packaging is extremely low and time-efficient. The in-mould labelling reduces the production of paper labels, making it environmentally friendly.

The in-mould labelling design is easy to make and allows the package to have maximum creativity. This packaging is long-lasting, can accommodate different types of food, and can even be used in extremely high or low temperatures. Essentially, in-mould labelling packaging is very beneficial, cost-effective, durable, and useful in many ways. In some cases, the production of IML printed ice cream tub packaging even appears not to have any label. This concealment is very profound and is very effective in creating an attractive product.

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