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Who is Honokage


Honokage just as "Apple" during the In Mold labelling containers manufacturing field.  

This is probably the most important manufacturer in the in-mold labeling food packaging container manufacturing industry that you should pay attention to.

Honokage was founded in 1997, Honokage has a 25-year history and has long been the number one manufacturer of in-mold food packaging containers in China, with annual sales of over 1 billion plastic products.  

Many people in the food industry have heard of Honokage for a long time and continue to study and imitate it, what kind of company is it?

Company Profile

Honokage, the top manufacturer of in-mold labelling plastic food packaging in China, was founded in 1997, by Xiamen native Mr. David Huang and is headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian. Honokage is a variation of Eternal business and prosperous, which means "flourishing", and Honokage also wants to give customers and consumers the "perfect first impression" of the packaging.  


In 1997, Chinese ice cream packaging, yogurt packaging, or ice cream packaging is mostly used traditional paper packaging, or traditional printing blister packaging, at that time in China can not see in-mold labelling plastic food packaging, at that time Honokage also only produced traditional injection molded parts, non-food grade products, until to 2010 Honokage's first clean room and the first in-mold labeling yogurt cups in the Chinese market officially on the shelves, with the first hit in China, Honokage in the in-mold labeling food packaging industry as the pioneers. 


From 2010 to 2014, in just 5 years, Honokage has built 2 clean rooms with 100,000 class, which realize unmanned and fully automatic production, including automatic label picking, automatic labeling, automatic visual inspection, automatic stacking and automatic packaging. 


Honokage has driven about 25% growth in its category while revolutionizing the food packaging market in China, and has even expanded its business to the United States, Canada, Australia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other countries.


Until to 2022, Honokage has exported to more than 35 countries, and its IML butter containers, IML ice cream cups and other IML rigid packaging are sold in supermarkets, chain stores and hotels in various countries, including Woolworth, Coles, Kroger, Walmart, Meijer and others. In addition to the traditional food industry, Honokage's products are also used in pet care products, pet food stroage, gardening such as plastic flower pots, plastic planters etc., paint industry such as in-mold labeling paint containers, medical industry such as antigen nucleic acid test tubes, laboratory plastic utensils, etc.  

Honokage History

In 1997, 23-year-old Huang Qingwei followed his father Huang Zhentian to recycle plastic foam. One morning in 1997, his father accidentally threw a cigarette butt into the pile of recycled plastic foam which was used for TV protection, and a small piece of foam burned and melted. So they discussed with experts from the Chemistry Department of Xiamen University and finally realized the recycling, pelletizing and reuse of waste foam.  

The next year, Huang Qingwei decided to buy an injection molding machine to produce industrial plastic products by injection molding the granulated plastic resin by himself, and cooperated with the first treadmill manufacturer in China, because the quality of Honokage's products was stable and the price was advantageous enough, Honokage and the treadmill manufacturer working&growing together, and the number of injection molding machines increased from the first one to the 40 units in 2010. In the autumn of 2010, Mr. Huang Qingwei met a very important friend in his life, he and Mr.Huangqing wei developed the first in-mold labeled storage box for a customer in the United States. But Honokage has overcome one by one problem, one hurdle after another, and finally became the leading manufacturer of in-mold plastic containers in the Chinese market.

It is Honokage's vision to bring better and safer plastic food containers to the world.

Honokage has 25 years of experience in precision mold making and plastic injection production. The company has passed BRC Class A, QS, SEDEX, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other system certifications.

The company has newly built and expanded 2000 square meters of GMP clean workshop that meets the requirements of BRC and QS standard. The workshop adopts intelligent control system of water, electricity and gas, and introduces 28 sets of imported German Demag high-speed injection molding machines, high-speed robots, automatic testing and automatic packaging system of intelligent clean workshop, 32 cavities of injecton mold, 6 seconds of production cycle, each set of daily production capacity of more than 400,000 products, the total daily output of the workshop In-mold labeling IML food packaging containers more than 4 million sets, annual sales reached 50 million U.S. dollars.


The company has 57 utility model patents and a number of invention patents in the field of IML intellectual property, 80% of the products are currently exported. Honokage have cooperated with the top 500 companies in the world, such as Nestle (Switzerland), Mondelez (USA), Hershey's (USA), Lactalis (France) and other dairy giants.

Product Series

Honokage category the products into yogurt cups, butter containers, ice cream cups, sauce cups, coffee cups, pet food boxes and other series.

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No. 9 Longkun road, Longchi development zone, Taiwanese investment zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China